Discount Card Fundraising

Our discount card fundraisers creates value for both community members and local businesses, all while making you money.

We Find the Discounts

We put in the leg work to find local businesses to sponsor your group with a generous discount. These discounts are create value for your supporters which help create funding for your group.

We Create the Cards

We take care of collecting business information and logos, designing cards and getting them professionally printed. When that’s complete we have them shipped to you and begin helping you organize your sale and motivating your group.

Hear WhatClients Say

“I really enjoyed working with CFA Fundraising.  They worked with me to find the perfect fundraiser to fit my group, and always welcomed my questions, patiently answering them throughout the entire process. They checked in with me regularly regarding the fundraiser both during the lead up to it and the sale itself. It was a very positive experience and they encouraged me during the sale and gave me all the tips and tricks he knew to help our fundraiser be successful! I will definitely work with them again!”


Idalia School

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