Mobile App Fundraising

Brining fundraising to the new era! We are prepared to build you a new mobile app that will both increase communication with your group and help you engage the community. This mobile app will be available for free in both the Android and Apple app stores. Local businesses will have the ability to purchase a advertising spots on your mobile app. This generates value for local businesses  and supporters and create year round funding for you and your group.

Take Your Fundraising to the next level

Our mobile app fundraising program will take your fundraising efforts to the next level. Once the mobile app is developed and launched your group will benefit from continued residual income for years to come.


Our simplified process will have your app up and running in no time, at no cost to you!


Find at least 10 local sponsors and we will begin developing your new mobile app. We will provide you with great tips to do this.


We find affiliates advertisers to agree to sponsor your group. Once that's completed we being building your new mobile app


Your new app is launched and submitted to the Android and Apple app stores. Your group members and supporters can begin downloading


With tips and advice from us you start the initial promotion of your new app. Keeping people engaged keeps your funding coming in

WhatClients Say

“Working with CFA Fundraising was a great experience! The process of selling was easy and the payback helped out our program immensely. Not only was the fundraiser successful, but the staff and customer service was excellent. We will definitely be working with CFA Fundraising again in the future!”


-Kelly McCarley

Huntington Park HS

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