Sponsor Banner Advertisement (Monthly)


Have a beautiful banner ad displayed for all visitors website and mobile app visitors to see.


Have a banner ad placed on your local groups website and mobile app. Only a few of these will be available so act fast!

Many eager parents, students, teachers and community members will be scrolling through this website and app to find great deals and find out about group updates and events. Have your company advertisement in plain sight for each and everyone of those visitors to see. We will add a link to the banner that will take the visitor wherever you would like them to go.

Compare this to the price of traditional banner ads or daily newspaper/community shoppers ads and you will will realize you're finding a great deal.

Once you sign up we will reach out to you and find the details of what you would like. Your card will then be charged monthly until you cancel the service.

Included at no additional cost:

-Banner advertisement design.


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